The King’s Delight

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A combination of favourites inspired from various world cuisines. Try something great tasting, yet healthy for the office lunch. Served buffet only!

This package includes:

  • Sriracha and Honey-Glazed Pulled Chicken (halal, d/f, g/f, n/f)
  • Sweet potato dhal with fresh spinach (v, d/f, g/f, n/f)
  • Mexican quinoa with red beans (v, d/f, g/f, n/f)
  • Vegan Garlic guacamole  (v, d/f, g/f, n/f)
  • Courgetti Zoodle Salad (v, d/f, g/f, n/f)
  • Gluten free lemon & garlic vinaigrette dressing  (veg, d/f, g/f, n/f)


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